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Mindset Coaching

Providing you the tools and support
so that you can engineer your life path in a fulfilling
and empowering way.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Utilizes knowledge passed down from ancient masters,
who created solid diagnostic and treatment methods,
which provide health and wellness in today’s world.


A Place Of Healing, Peace, And Wellness.

The name Integrated Pathways to Healing suggests that there are many ways to heal, the real secret is that you are in control of your journey. You decide how you want to LIVE. Do you simply want to respond to life, do you want to partake in deciding your direction, or are you somewhere in between.

My name is Marisa Schembri and I am a Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac.), a reiki practitioner and a Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy (TLT) certified with the ABNLP-ABH. I have always been that magnet; the person people confided in on a deeper level, this fostered the study of psychology resulting in a BA with Honours in psychology. As it does, life happens and I found myself in the position of being exposed to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I fell in love with TCM theory, especially the theory that the mind, body and spirit cannot be separated. Today we have neuroscience supporting this ancient theory through the impact of neurotransmitters and hormones.

I was lucky and honoured to be mentored in TCM by a master whose lineage spanned generations. It afforded me a wonderful base to draw from and was the start of my vast experience with many conditions from chronic to acute. In my practice I see how mental, emotional and spiritual impact physical healing. I realized that many of my patients valued our discussions and connection as part of their treatment. In fact, it was a patient that suggested I get into coaching and I thought how much more deeply I would be able to help and guide those that desired it.

No matter what service or combination of services you require, let’s get you into dynamic balance so you can move forward in your life and live your life on your terms. Live through health, empowerment, joy, calm and possibility!


Moxa Therapy

Tuina Massage



Our Treatments

Through TCM diagnosis I will use tools like acupuncture to rebalance and strengthen your body. Once internal balance is attained your body will be able to heal itself as body systems begin to work at their optimal levels. In addition your body will be able to handle any changes that come it’s way in a better manner.