The importance of Self Care


In Chinese Medicine we often speak of removing blockages, making sure our energy stores are full and that there is a good energy flow.  Many people say that this energy balance is unattainable, however we are not talking about balance, but dynamic balance.  Inward and outward circumstances are always changing thus requiring constant adjustment; throw in the natural, continual degradation of physical systems, circumstances are always changing and the ability to keep up with dynamic balance more difficult.


The perfect metaphor is the lifecycle of a plant; the requirements from seed to harvest are different between seasons, climates, pests and disease.  You do not necessarily water a plant the same way from seed to harvest.  If you over or under water it at any given time it does not thrive and quite possibly could die.  When its resources are taxed too much or frequently it may not rebound even with the correct nurturing.


We each have a finite amount of resources to draw from and we each need to find the best way to utilize those resources.  The current situation has freed up some resources from our normal “day to day” routines, and has required us to divert resources to other areas depending on your personal circumstance.  Are you diverting your resources in the best way possible?


Amid the pandemic, yes we are encouraged to physically isolate but not to isolate ourselves in all ways.  It is physical, not social, emotional, spiritual or personal distancing.  It is a golden time to let your energy grow and flow forward, very much mimicking the rebirth that comes with our current season Spring.


The more we can eliminate blockages, the more our energy can flow allowing us to allocate resources in the direction we want them to go.  Take this time as a growth opportunity, how you grow is up to you within the circumstances you experience.  I suggest starting with self care, because you have the greatest control over the circumstances within and the more blockages you can eliminate the more resources you will have to use.